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Organic Neroli Water 🌼

Organic Neroli Water 🌼

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A happy treat for your face and soul 🍊

We are so happy to offer your this all natural face mist with a fresh and sensual scent of the Orange Blossom plant (Neroli). A very precious flower that soothes the skin and the mind. 

Organic Neroli water is especially recognized for its ability to restore balance to both the oily and drier areas of the skin. 


Astringent compounds of Neroli work to eliminate dead cells and toxins accumulated under the skin to provide an immediate radiance boost.

Highly rich in antioxidants, Neroli water also helps maintain skin’s vitality and youthful beauty by protecting it from environmental stresses.

The precious Neroli flower is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Recommended use: Together with our super-nourishing & anti-age "Magic Face Balm"

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