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Organic Rose Water 🌹

Organic Rose Water 🌹

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You asked for it! ✨

Our ORGANIC ROSE WATER, that is a 100% hydrolat from the precious Damask Rose and is carefully made from the distillate from the essential oil water. It is clean, pure, beautifully fragrant and super moisturising and nurturing for your skin.

I have created this rose face & body water for the nordic climate and given it extra attention in applying extra hydration and anti-age effects for your skin.

I've added hyaluronic acid that plumps and gives the skin hydration and Geranium essential oil that is both cleansing, anti inflammatory, anti-aging and healing for the skin. 

You can feel when you add your face oil or moisturiser cream on after applying the rose water that the skin really pulls it in and get all the moisture it deserves. I feel it can also help the face oil or serum to really get deep into the skin tissue. 🤍

This product is for all skin types: Our rose mist is not only suitable for sensitive skin, but also for impure and mature skin.


FAQ: Hydrolate is the aromatic water left over from the condensation process in the distillation of the pure essential oil. Because it is so clean the expiration date is one whole year minimum. 

You can re-use the spray bottle for whatever you think of or send it back and get a discount on your next purchase or refill. I can also give you a refill of citrus room spray if you wish. 


100% Pure Organic Rosa Damascena hydrolate

Geranium essential oil

Hylauronic Acid 

Allergen: Geraniol. 

Etylalkohol pure for preservation less that 1% 

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