This is Humm Botanica

This is Humm Botanica

Hi there and thank you from the depth of my heart for visiting Humm Botanica. 🌸

From a deep passion for natural, healthy, CLEAN, beautiful and sensual fragrances that also are functional to our bodies and mind, Humm Botanica was born. 

My dream had taken form.

Humm Botanica's products are here to help you connect back to Mother Earth by creating candles, oils and perfume from wax and essential oils that are all made from sustainable, non GMO, non synthetic, all natural ingredients.

No nasties and no BS. 🤍

This enables you to experience the power of ancient wisdom
and healing properties from plants, flowers, resins and extractions.

This is also why I call my products "functional." 

Every plant has its own frequency and healing properties. The gift you can give yourself together with our fragrances, is to slow down and reconnect to nature as a whole and the nature within.

By showing interest in our products and our blogs, you contribute to a better future by raising consciousness in the way we take care of our planet, about the way we live and breathe. 

Not only will you contribute to a toxic free environment
for yourself and your loved ones, but also for each candle 
or fragrance you buy you will automatically donate to plant one tree in critical deforestation areas in South-America and Africa. 

We collaborate with Trees for the Future and collect a monthly donation through our sales. 🌱🌱🌱🌱

Our design is designed at Humm Design, a world leading Design studio based in Milan. 

Thank you so much for supporting this all NEW, natural, no BS contribution to the world of candles and fragrances and please sign up to our newsletter where we share beneficial information and stories to help you live a balanced and fun life. 

All our products are artisan hand made and hand poured with love in Oslo, Norway.

Please feel free to follow my start-up journey @hummbotanica on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

You get 11% off your first order when signing up to our newsletter and receive your code. 

With all my heart from me to you Aja Humm, founder and creator of Humm Botanica.🌿

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