Lokale, naturlige, håndlagete duftlys, eteriske oljer, aroma rollere, hud krem og naturlig duftpinner. Laget i Oslo av Aja Humm, skaper av Humm Botanica
Electrical Aromacandle Damp Diffuser 🌜

Pure Natural Passion

All products are carefully handmade for you in Aja's studio in Nordstrand, Oslo. Every item is unique and made in small batches.

You are welcome to read more about the Humm Botanica journey here.

Why we are here
  • Creating atmosphere in any environment...

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  • Artistic selection.

    Sicilian Herbs 
  • Feel the scent of Cedarwood

    Bring nature inside and feel the calming and comforting essences from this Woody all natural blend.

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  • Natural Perfume

    Our natural roller perfume fits perfectly in your pocket or handbag to lift you up or cool you down.

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  • Italian design meets nordic interior. Designer Felix Humm in Milano makes all Humm Botanica product design

    Italian designer Felix Humm

    This summer I finally got to visit my uncles studio and rooftop house in Milan. Due to the pandemic we only had worked online with our designs, so when we finally could meet and he could see the actual physical products it was just an amazing experience. Foto: Sebastian Humm-Garø

  • Via showcase, giftfrie duft lys, naturlig duft, Vika, Pop up, lokal bedrift, julegaver, naturlig parfyme, yoga , oslo yoga, rent liv

    VIA Showcase

    I have enjoyed so much to have my pop-up shop at VIA Showcase and Paguro Spaces at Vulkan this year. I learn so much by talking to my customers and they all help me move forward, developing new products and even custom projects that I truly love. Hope to see you at DOGA Designers Julemarked in 3. and 4. December 202.

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