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The Goddess Essential Oil Blend 🌕

The Goddess Essential Oil Blend 🌕

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Be in One with the Universe
& Embrace the Present Moment

Spearmint & Pepper
Herbal Heart of Lavender Amyris & Cedar

In our modern busy life it is easy for our inner-true-self to get lost in all the scatter and overload of information and impressions from the outside. 

Take a moment. 🤍

Reclaim your Goddess powers by going inside and connecting to who you truly are. 

Hold one hand on your heart and one on your stomach and just breath. 

Excerpt from Greater Minds:

There's a balance of masculine and feminine energy within all of us.

So, what do we mean when we talk about feminine energy?

This is the energy of intuition – the kind that comes from your gut, and from your heart.

It is also the energy of interpersonal connection.

It gives rise to empathy, to sensuality, and to receptivity.

When we are full of this energy we tend to gravitate toward the path that is most emotionally fulfilling for us.

Feminine energy fosters strong, intimate, and nurturing bonds with other people.

It promotes self-compassion and self-love as well.

THE GODDESS PURE Essential oil blend can work as a reminder to you to focus on your Divine Goddess Powers and balance your masculine and feminine energies. 

To use in you favourite diffuser or get one here , in the sauna or massage oil.

Find your balance in how may drops to use, recommended 3-6 drops in a diffuser, sauna and 6-15 drops in 30 ml massage oil. 


General precautions with pure natural essential oils: Keep out of reach of children. Do not consume. Not to use directly on skin. Test on a safe area before applying on your skin when blended. 


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