Collection: Reed Diffusers-Duftpinner

All Natural Diffusers with 100% Essential oil blend. 🌺🍋

Fill your home with these beautiful scents that last for months. 

We blend all our candle fragrances also as reed diffusers (duftpinner), just send an email to aja@hummbotanica for your choice of natural fragrance and we take it from there! 🌿🤍🌸

Clean, non synthetic, hormone friendly and functional fragrance that is really addictive! 


1. Remove the diffuser and the reeds from the box.
2. Remove the cap and stopper from the diffuser.
3. Replace the cap onto the diffuser bottle
4. Place reeds through centre hole of the cap, ensuring that they are spread evenly

Humm Botanica´s diffuser is made of 100% natural essential oil and vegan solvent that is sustainable, non-toxic and eco friendly. No synthetic fragrance or alcohol is used here.

You will get all the great benefits from these oils when the diffuser is active. 

Do not drink the content and keep it out of reach of children.