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Custommade Natural Perfume Roller or Perfume

Custommade Natural Perfume Roller or Perfume

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I loooove making custom orders for your desire. 🌺🍋💖

So here the option is finally official! ✨

Very often people ask me to make gifts for someone they love or a special treat for themselves. 

I can make aromatherapeutic rollers for headaches for your preferences or a grounding blend or whatever your dreams and fantasies desire. Ask for price here. 🕯🍊🌕

I carry the most common and uncommon 😄essential oils and resins and other materials to use and I only use natural ingredients, no synthetic aromas. 

You will also get your custom label on the bottle and please tell me if you want a special message written on the label. 🌸

I can make alcohol based perfume or oil based perfume. 

Write me a text on +47 41023153 or mail aja@hummbotanica (English or Norwegian, German is also fine as long as I can write back in English or a bit misspelled German 😄)  and we take it from there. 

Delivery time is 7-45 days+-, but it can go faster too, depends on the order and life happening at the moment. ✨

The best way to order a custom order is to contact me either on or on Instagram. The price can vary a bit depending on your wishes, so looking forward to hear more about your thoughts and desires for scents and fragrances. 🌼🍋🌺🍊

 You will get a 30 ml spray bottle and 100 ml of perfume to refill. That is 100 ml perfume in total. This is an awesome deal if you ask me! 😃🌹

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