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Good Vibes Room Spray 🌼

Good Vibes Room Spray 🌼

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Finally I am so happy to introduce my MOOD BOOSTING lovely fresh Neroli Room Spray or Mist if you like!


Imagine walking out in the morning sun, surrounded by fields of orange blossom trees.

Lay down, watch the sun rise as you get started for another day in the journey of life.

This spray contains scientifically proven mood enchanting essential oils. 

This lovely 100 ml spray bottle is a pure blend of organic essential oils, organic rose water  and alcohol. As pure and fresh and clean as it gets. 

You can also use this as a refreshing PERFUME or on your towels or bed linen. Be sure to test first just to be sure it does not stain (it should not).


Great gift for yourself of someone you love.

Main notes are (all organic):

Neroli, Petitgrain, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Elemis, Sweet Orange, Sandalwood, Rose Hydrolate, Alcohol.

100 ml

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