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Sensual Candle

Sensual Candle

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Amplify your Divine moments with Exotic Ylang-Ylang
& Orange Flower, 
Holy Incense & Clove 

Ylang Ylang:

A proven ingredient which comes to your rescue when you are feeling low, it is known to drive away anxiety and chronic stress.

It also acts as an aphrodisiac and is believed to be good for lifting libido, which may be affected due to stress or pollution.

As it helps in improving blood flow, it can fight inflammation and, in turn, lead to a healthy circulatory system. It can also benefit those suffering from insomnia to sleep better.

We use environmentally friendly rapeseed wax blend and 100% pure essential oils in our candles.

They are also hormone friendly and cruelty free.

No paraffin, no syntetic perfume, GMO, SLS or parabens.

Every candle is handmade and unique, just like you.

IMPORTANT: Trim wick to 4 mm before lighting every time for best performance.

Burn within sight. Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings.

Only burn candle on a level, fire- resistant surface.
Do not burn candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

Stop use when 6 mm of wax remains.

Enjoy you handmade candle filled with love! 

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