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Wick Trimmer 🖤

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  • Rust Proof and Durable. Our candle wick trimmer made of high quality stainless steel with attractive polished rose gold on it,have a long life ,durable and not easy to be rusted. It is the only trimmer you'll ever need!
  • You can also use it for the "dip method" when you dip the wick flame in the wax lightly to "turn off the flame" without the sooth in the air after blowing out a candle. 🕯
  • Very Easy to Use. It's nice and sharp and closes flush, so no worries about pinching the wick instead of cutting it. The handle is long enough to get into most candle jars, and the cut piece of wick usually sits right on top of the end, so it's easy to remove without having to turn the candle upside down.
  • Make Your Home Safe and Clean. The candle wick trimmer will help prevent soot buildup on your walls and will lengthen the life of your candle by controlling the burn for best scent and minimal soot.Your candle will burning evenly and no more burnt blobs floating in wax.It cuts down on the smoking and build up on your candles.
  • It's a great helper.
  • Perfect accessory for any candle lover.It is also can as a great gift to your friends or family.